Catching up

Just a quickie from me to say just back in London after an amazing trip to Australia. Utterly blown away by the response of my seminar thank you to everyone who attended and to all those who emailed in such lovely comments. Am considering actually holding a number of workshops down under so often was I asked. Tons of ideas bubbling away in my head and shall update once I've figured out exactly what I shall be doing. Plus I soooo want to open a store in either Melbourne or Sydney, fabulous cities,  but thats for the back burner. Right now am awaiting Fraudie's arrival haven't seen her for a week and a half and my parents are on the way up for lunch with her. She's been having so much fun rambling through woods, hills and countryside am thinking she may not want to come back to urban city living - even though we  get to sit in sweet little cafes drinking flat whites - kind of thinking she probably wants from now on to be in the woods sniffing and nosing around!

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