A Syndeysiders home

I spent a bit of time in the offices of Real Living whilst in Sydney a  magazine I should say with a fabulous take on interiors. Very much similar to my own take on interiors it demystifies, breaks down and showcases a whole heap of homes that feel relaxed, lived in, accessible and inspiring. Its 4 am this side of the world (jet lagged and unable to spend a second longer in bed) I was thinking what Real Living has done and what my book does is to showcase and endorse interiors with personality. Ideas, projects often times affordable and stylish are the name of the game. I've said it before and shall say it again style has absolutely nothing to do with money. The more money you have the easier it may become obviously but also the less creative you are. Anyways I am digressing slightly from my point which is to show you one Sydneysiders home showcased in Real Living who has embraced the dark side (yay hay to that) and given her home a big dose of personality in the process. Stylist Julz Beresford has a pretty eclectic home, Ikea purchases hang out with flea market finds along with pieces that have been in her family a while. One question I got asked all the time in Australia is can you use dark colours in the southern hemisphere. I think Julz pretty much proves that you can I love, I really love that contrast you get when outside is bright, sunny and super hot yet the minute you step through the door the environment changes its  darker, calmer, softer and sludgier. There is an immediate visual tension between outside and inside - that my friends is called magic. Julz has brought Ikea bookcases, filled them with a heap of tomes and created this very sweet office. Super sweet detail, the background palette almost the colour of an angry sky adds a softness to the space. Paint anything grey and you will find just how relaxed and beautiful a space will be - add a splash of pink and bolt of turquoise and suddenly you've just sprinkled your space with a big handful of pixie dust! When you go dark you  must, repeat must add colour. You don't need to go overboard but you do need a big dose to lighten the mood and add a high dose voltage of contrast.

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