The surf shack

I’ve never been one for theme’s – a sea theme, a pop theme, any old theme tends to bring me out in a rash so when I happened across Richard Christiansen’s shack which he has turned into a summer retreat for his staff I was a little impressed. The theme (now don’t freak) is SURF it kind of works  though because its tongue in cheek playful and it’s a holiday shack.  Having said that its been done very well - imagine for a moment cushions and chairs upholstered in Hawaiian shirt fabric, tennis rackets mounted on very similar  shirt fabric and framed and then a whole host of tackyish Hawaiian paintings clustered on walls.. This country pad in question is in Montauk as many of Mr Christiansen’s staff are surfers. Cool boss hey to do something so fabulous - images below: Plants that look like stag horns on the outside of the shack set the tone before you even walk through the door. This chair is from Anthropolgoie and the Navjo rugs from a flea market – see what I meant the other day when I was banging on about how you can get away with lots of different patterns. Sweet, cosy and snug - perfect for a shack. Pick up lines are painted on bathroom mirrors - which I am kind of loving. Finally the sweetest bit - the  outside dock,Vitra chairs and foam pillows covered in Hawaiian shirt fabric.        

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