In the kitchen

I should be at the gym except my body seems to be reacting against working out. So stiff am I from yesterday's shorter than short run that I am aching and groaning already! I digress lets talk about adding character to difficult spaces - like kitchens for example that are functional, often times open plan and somehow don't seem to blend with the rest of our spaces. I was asked this question in Melbourne at my seminar and whenever I happen to be in the store I often get stopped and asked the very same thing. My advice is simple, don't treat the space as a kitchen instead treat as you would any other room in the house, accessorize, add oodles of lighting, art and stuff. Do that and you get a truely inspiring kitchen just don't do what I've done and get too carried away so that every time you want to chop, bake and blend you end up having to take an extra 20 mins moving flowers, books and who knows what else out of the way before you even begin. Style is not about taking the easy option - if you want beauty then I guess like in all walks of life it takes a little work no? Photography Mikkel Vang Here's what I am talking about, yes its a kitchen but it feels incredibly personal, unique and fun -  the kind of kitchen you just want to roll up your sleeves and get baking in. So often times kitchens are open plan so accessorize them as you would any other space. Plonk vases on top of cupboards, heap piles of books on  counters and of course add flowers. I am a big  fan of the faux kind as you all probably know  -  in a kitchen where it is often times hot a big blousy bunch of faux's will never wilt and always add the wow factor when you enter the space. Happy decorating. Talking of kitchens I am off to my favourite cafe Violet a few mins from home for a flat white. Claire Ptak  worked under Alice Waters in Berkeley before relocating to London  and opening Violet. Her and her team make the most amazing cakes - dark caramel with sea salt, icings with fresh fruit purees I could go on and on. Its all made on the premises so ordering my flat white every morning you get the most amazing comforting., homely smell of baking. Its the kind of feeling I want everyone to feel the moment you open the door -  enveloped by that feeling  of squishy, ,happy  contentment.

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