Travel inspired interiors

Travelling inspires like nothing else I know, often times I visit a place and then start thinking I could actually live there. In Sydney last week running through the Botanical gardens by the harbour before meetings, mid winter but so much warmth in the sun I was hot within seconds I did my usual lets relocate plan. As happens every time I walk though Paris,  probably one of the most romantic cities on earth where I shall be in a few weeks time Or NY with its crazy vibe (where and I haven’t even got my head around it yet I shall be next Friday) dining at The Darby with a bit of luck! I guess the good thing about travel is how it takes us out of our box, opens doors and creates all sorts of opportunities and ideas. I think its one of the reasons I so favour eclectic interiors – pick something up from abroad and each time you look at it at home its like a mini-vacation. In Australia I saw beautiful hand woven blankets in soft buttery hues and lots and lots of natural textures going on. In Paris its all about vintage as well of course as a trip to the most beautiful store on earth called Merci where I pick up glass ware, note books, pencils and maybe the odd item of clothing. Never one to check any luggage in (drives the people I am travelling with crazy) I often times have to wrap blankets and cushions and god knows what else around myself in order to get it though as hand luggage. Not such a good plan I might add when having thought I had a non stop flight back to London from Sydney found myself in Bangkok late at night (an airport I hadn’t planned on visiting again soon), in 100 degree heat with zillions of people, wrapped up like a mummy in throws! Should have stuck to art, books the odd ceramic to remind me of my instantly beloved trip. Having a home that looks and feels well travelled is a pretty cool home if you ask me, even if it half kills you bringing the stuff back. Overslept again this morning and in desperate need  for my morning flat white at Violet with memories of Australia and all sorts of plans of going back there gently buzzing through my head. The images below are of a hotel in Palm Springs designed by Mr Jonathan Adler no less. He is a bit of a magpie when it comes to decorating mixing modern with far-flung vintage items sourced from all over the globe so a good example I felt. Photography by James Geer. A clubby old chesterfield hangs out on a Moroccan rug, with a 60's lamp - this space instantly shouts well traveled. Flea markets are a great way of giving your home a well traveled feel and much easier than trying to sling on a plane like moi!

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