5 minute face lift

Short one from me this morning as on deadline to finish something off and am so behind even at this unearthly hour that I have the feeling its going to be one of those days. Fancy a face lift? The 5 minute kind that totally rejuvenates, freshens and elevates I'm talking about rooms obviously not faces (although considering that also)!! Cushions, throws, rugs the soft furnishings if you like do more to lift a room than anything else I know. In a nano second you can totally wake up a tired room by introducing some tantalising textures, contrast them and you get some fabulous visual tension happening too which takes any room from ordinary to extraordinary. I am a huge fan of rugs - infact sitting here typing this I have three skimming my small studio - a woolen zeebra number, an old vintage rag rug and a beautiful fluffy cream Moroccan thing. The thing to remember if you can is to mix it up as much as possible - its the contrast that creates the chemistry - all matchy matchy is way to boring. Without further ado some images to inspire the photography is by Petrina Tinslay. The more you mix it up the more exciting it becomes - check out the cushions on the sofa its the visual friction that creates an interesting dialogue. Conversely the image on the right where it all matches  just a little to much and doesn't light any fires with me. Beautiful yes., tantalising no - and I do like to be tanatalised. Lastly a big thank you to Watermelonredonline for two back to back fabulous reviews, thank you so glad my seminar went down well, having knocked a whole glass of water over myself, the computer, having jumped and screamed simultaneously and all in the first  1 minute it could any go up from there! Happy weekend

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