Details - the importance of

Apologises for yesterday's lack of posting and today's late one. The riots were an enormous worry for our store, warehouse and so on. I just want to say to all those people who have lost their businesses in the mindless looting not to mention arson how terribly sorry I am. I cannot imagine what it must be like to pick up the pieces. On a lighter note am off to NY - shall try (I know I said that when leaving for Australia and failed dismally) to continue posting next week. So lets talk interiors that's why we are all here right? More specifically lets talk details I know I bang on about them alot but they add the wow factor to a space like nothing else I know, softening it up, creating intrigue and interest.They don't have to be fancy you just have to love them. I often find people stop decorating to soon - and yet its these 5 minute details that make all the difference. More is more trust me - if I enter a space and find its minimally furnished with not alot of stuff going on then I automatically presume that person is super boring!! Forgive me for being so judgemental but hey there are no excuses when it comes to decorating. You don't need oodles of money style has nothing what so ever to do with it . Get carried away with details, stock up on heaps of cushions, piles of books, bunches of flowers, candles, accessories they all tell a story about you and the vibe you create. More is more don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Got to run I thought today was Tuesday so am behind by a whole day and its a nightmare! Meant to mention keeping the facebook competition rolling on until Monday, sorry guys am tied up all day tomorrow which I thought was WEDNESDAY but turns out its Thursday and then travelling so will announce the winners NY time on Monday morning. If  you want half an hour of  my free time helping you with any design dilemma's via Skype then  check out the facebook page. I will keep my diary strapped around my neck so when we organise times and dates I am with the programme.  

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