Long busy day today work wise not to mention the heap of stuff do to  before heading off on the early flight out to NYC tomorrow morning. Couldn't sleep so moving around like a snail with a bad head ache. I think having watched Flipping Out I need staff , someone to make me breakfast, help me decide what to wear, tidy that kind of stuff. Maud is great but not tidy, balls, bones and toys flung all over the house in any old manor. She's taken to hiding her bones in the oddest places it used to be the garden but now she digs them up and brings them in covered in earth and worms you name it and unless I am beady eyed and constantly watch her in they come. Last night I couldn't figure out what the odd rather nasty smell was - turns out it was her bone under my pillow dug up from the garden. Lovely! Anyways talking of reality programmes have rather gotten into The Block, an Australian show. Four couples are each  given a run down house in Melbourne which they have to renovate in a relatively short space of time.  it gets sold at auction and  the winner with the highest  bid wins.  Neale Whitaker is one of the judges (he also happens to be editor in chief of the fabulous magazine Belle ). Anyways he gave me some insight  into the show and that's how I became a little hooked ( he also took me to the most  beautiful restaurant in Sydney very near ACP head quaters,  panelled, gentleman’s clubby, relaxed the kind of place you want to smoke a cigar and knock back a few whisky's I didn't I might add ). I digress as always - the contestants have very little experience renovation wise let alone design wise but that's not the point. Whilst I'm not always a fan of their finished rooms its fascinating to watch the buzz they get when completing a space. Decorating is addictive - one reason I am sure I am so obsessed. If I could offer once piece of advice I would mirror what Sir Paul Smith once said “stop making sense as logic is sooo predictable instead think differently” Push the design envelope (me talking now) , mix – for example – parrot green with icy grey. Juxtapose shag carpets with mirrored surfaces and sit a Philippe Starck gnome stool next to throne!!. (Possibly I am getting a little too carried away by suggesting thrones but you know what I mean)!! The aim and my point is there is no greater buzz than creating something that tantalises all the senses the moment you walk through the door. Enough yabbering I have to go - no post tomorrow as travelling but will resume on Monday and announce the winners of the facebook competition. The scheme you come up with may not be everyone's bag but if its your bag and you love that is all that counts. Image taken from Rue

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