New York New York

Good times in NYC the lights are going down a storm and am loving living again in this city. As a result of my being in such an exceedingly good mood everyone (decided I couldn’t whittle down who would win the free Skype design consultancy comp on facebook )wins!! Yay Hay – more details on FB shall be in touch with all once back although as I mention on FB the next three weeks are a little crazy to say the least so may have to start scheduling consultancies after I am back from Paris. Although there is little time to get out and about regrettably , I did manage to squeeze in a drink at the Breslin – attached to the Ace Hotel. Dark, gloomy, sludgy hues get brought to life with tartan and quirky stuff hanging on the walls total inspiration.  Lying in bed, coffee in hand typing this whilst watching the river traffic on the Hudson – a huge glass window in my bedroom with the High line one side and the Hudson on  the other heavenly. Possibly not coming home!! Computer playing up, trying to insert some images and its not having it (not fabulous with technology)  and now am sooo late trying to figure out whats wrong I have to run, forgive no pics of the Breslin

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