Catching Up

Back in town, exceedingly tired but happy. First up a big thank you to Four and sons for their lovely posting. We met whilst in Melbourne a few weeks back over drinks in the evening having just gotten off at 23 hour flight so its amazing I made any sense what so ever. Lets hope this posting makes sense having slept for barely 6 hours in the last few days. Full on crazy days but the most fabulous news, my newest light,  a white bull terrier with a black eye patch outsold all the others in NYC which was so exciting. I've taken a few shots of the stand but need to be more awake to attach, crop blah blah blah so bear with me on that front will post those later. Anyways I'm pumped and inspired to create way more products and push big boundaries on the design front.Its such an energising city New York I have so many plans for the store that its not going to know whats hit it. I must also mention how the design firm, super duo Roman and Williams totally inspired - not just because they are fans of the dark side but more because their approach to design is totally whimiscal and fun (especially their work at the Ace hotel) but at the same time its sophisticated and glamorous. Next time I am Stateside I'm staying at the Ace  I loved the lobby, I loved the Breslin and the coffee was amazing. NY coffee (hate to say not good) but this place blew every other out of the water! Anyways I have a full on working weekend ahead so must stop yabbering and post some images of Roman and Williams work. Off for a flat white with Fraudie before beginning the onslaught of stuff I have to get through. Fraudie by the way is not acknowledging me - no snuggles no kisses,  I go into a room she leaves, I got in the back seat of the merc this morning for a cuddle and catch up she got in the front. Making a point you could say - she had way to much fun with my parents apparently - swimming meeting pigs, chickens and horses and does not want in any way to back in the city. Some images below of Roman and William's work

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