Think tall

Often times, (dare I say 99 percent of the time) our ceilings are overlooked, ignored and cast aside. Generally painted out ubiquitous white or some other beige haze of blandnessI was thinking recently how odd it is to ignore such a large surface. Ceilings can act as great focal points and will if allowed totally transform a room.  The options are endless – you can paper, paint out in an intoxicating hue, drape, tile, fabric fy, plaster with an interesting relief or plank. Exhausted yet? Personally I am a fan of carrying the wall colour onto the ceiling that way the space tends to feel bigger than it really is– you don’t get that effect of some other colour breaking up or interrupting the momentum– far more sophisticated I say. Anyways some images to convince and inspire. Huge fan of big old ceiling tin ceiling tiles saw them everywhere in NY and the repro ones aren't half bad either. An interesting plaster effect which has the effect of making the room feel far grandeur than it actually is. Love wooden ceilings - especially when they get painted out the same colour as the walls.

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