Decorating with yellow

Its a hue that has a bit of reputation for being tricky (which is probably why I am such a fan), not least because it scares a lot of people.  I'm also guessing its because of its distinctive personality yet its such a welcoming warm hue it lifts the spirits  in an instant. I'm all for the high voltage kind (think NY taxi cab yellow) I have a murano glass pendant with a hand painted inside hanging over my dining table, a vibrant yellow throw skimming my concrete chair and a huge plastic lamp hanging out on my balcony. If that high impact tone frightens then opt for pale citron, ochre, mustard and so on. It's so incredibly versatile and looks fabulous when partnered with almost any other colour think grey (of course) , blue, brown  white and so on. With a thumping headache and rain so heavy is making a right old racket looking at this intoxicating colour cheers me up no end. Photography Damian Russell Beautiful against blue. And fabulous as an accent - be that flowers or chairs.

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