Feeling blue

I'm sticking with colour this morning as I think nothing is more transformative than a vibrant dash of it. Particularly with Fall around the corner we all want our homes to be snuggly and cosy and I just don't get that squishy feeling of contentment with nude shades and pastels on the walls. As you all probably know I am fan of inky, sludgy dark hues on the walls with brighter more offbeat accessories adding the wow factor. The interior below takes the opposite approach - slap teal on the wall and floors partner it with yellow and wham bam you have on your hands a super contemporary bedroom. Whilst it's not exactly my cup of tea I wanted to illustrate how easy it is (when you take the plunge and go strong with colour) to decorate. Less is almost more in the space below you don't need a ton of stuff,  the colour does the talking. Bold, bright and clever it creates an enormous impact.

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