Meet Mungo

A little late this morning apologises – crazy week. I wanted to show you guys our latest addition Mungo the bull terrier. Ta Da He outsold all the others in New York. We were so behind schedule that I didn’t even get to approve this little guy before leaving for the States and so the first time I saw him was on the stand at the gift fair. Had knots in my stomach worrying about how he had turned out (never an optimist always as pessimistic as my mother would say)! Anyways he turned out great and it seems the Americans loved him to which is fabulous. He is  a well travelled little fellow being only a few weeks old - in 10 days time he is coming to Paris with me along with Maud. Maud goes to French school whilst Mungo sits on our stand at Maison Objet. Must tell you guys about these amazing scented candles I discovered made by a tiny teeny studio in the US. The candles are housed in beautiful glass little bottles,  inspired by the seasons think forest floor, amber, meadow etc and even more exciting are their scented votives for the table - fabulous for gifts. Packaged so beautifully they are scented with black pepper, balsamic, lemon verbena perfect for the Christmas table. Ordered another 15 packs just for me - oops and in store from October! These are the little t-lights for the table scented with crushed mint, black pepper, corriander, ginger and so on. Love them!  

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