Table talk

I'm knee deep (actually waste deep) in all things dining room at the moment and having waded through a zillion images notice a common trait. Many of them are not that cosy, you can almost tell they are not lived in everyday. Often times it seems that people select tables way to  big for the  space (why is that)?  so you can barely get anything else in there to add layers and intrigue. I don't get (never have) going for the hugest table that seats 18 and then stands empty half the year round. I would much rather squish people round a smaller table and have a more interesting room. Anyways a couple caught my notice one from NY designer John Loecke. The Americans love putting sofa's around tables and I must say I becoming more into the idea. Loecke's dining room is super cosy and a little of beat. Putting a sectional around a dining table takes a bit of confidence but totally works in this space (which is oddly shaped, genius ideas) as do the rather formal upholstered dining chairs. Whilst the design isn't totally my bag I can totally imagine hanging out here and feeling relaxed. The next space I love,  when you break it down not alot is going on but having a book case filled to the brim with books as one's backdrop creates a fabulous dynamic and makes the room a place you would want to linger in whether you are having supper or not. I think that is the thing with dining rooms if they can double up as something else, a reading room, an office ,a relaxation nook then often times they get to be way more interesting - the more time you spend in a space the more time you want to cosy it up. Just having a space that the Jones's get to eat in once a month I am afraid to say often tends to look and feel a tad dull. You have to rattle  around a bit, work a bit, relax a bit, hang out a bit in order to get it perfect - otherwise it tends to have that kind of uptight look - believe me have just spent the last few days looking at zillions of them.

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