Tricks of the trade

Two posts from me today one now and one very exciting one in a bit which I cannot divulge I hate to say until a little later this afternoon. So down to business I am often asked my tricks of the trade how to turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary. It really is quite simple you don't need  heaps of money, you do need heaps of confidence. Also you will need to convert across to the dark side which I know sounds a little scary but once you've crossed over there is really no going back and I promise its far more exciting this side. Paint walls dark and magic starts to happen your furnishings, accessories ,art, books and so on will suddenly have the most fantastic background in which to stand out from and sing. You will also need to play around with scale to give your space that magical Alice in Wonderland feeling - so plonk large items in rooms that seem to small and vice versa. The key here is to not get carried away you just need one super sized mirror on a wall or one extra large lamp or piece of art. We don't want crazy we just want magical. Add the odd high voltage hue to your sludgy inky palette, a smidge of pattern, some accessories and suddenly you've got on your hands a room thats ready to grace any interiors magazine. Easy hey! This bedroom belongs to the fabulous designer Iise Crawford. Its a beautiful bedroom from the soft taupe colour on the walls to the super sized lamp in the corner. The bedspread adds the pattern, the throw a high voltage jolt of colour and the bookcases filled to the brim with tomes adds personality. Catch you later.

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