Thank you

Am on cloud 500 after the amazing response to the images of my pad as seen on The Selby and of course the mb movie - thank you so much for the amazing feedback. The best thing for me is rather than just yabbering on about the dark side and my obsession with creating amazingly unique interiors is how the pictures really just speak for themselves. Dark colours scare people I know that from experience - and yet for me its a bit like sprinkling some fairy dust magic into an interior. Once you cross over(to the dark side that is)  life just seems a little more enchanting. Furniture, accessories and art pop out and almost tantalise. You need some high voltage jolts of colour to stop the scheme from becoming depressing - but not crazy amounts. Sophisticated yet laid back is the perfect scenario. You can go dark anywhere think teeny tiny small spaces, large spaces, spaces with poor light and even in hot climates  there are almost no boundaries. I've selected an image below that has embraced the dark side but in a subtle way (subtle for me at least). Its a kitchen and I must say its a pretty darn cool one considering its size. Ceilings and part of the wall and floor have gone inky black offset with lighter units and the odd wall. A fun graphic wallpaper  adds a whimisical note. If you can couple whimsy with imky hues then in by book you've pretty much nailed it. I'm off to Paris for a week and a bit. I will be much better at posting whilst away this time promise

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