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Today is all about small apartments - we are renting a studio whilst in Paris the teeny tiniest thing I have ever set foot in. You step through the front door into a kitchen which consists of a sink and a cupboard (thats it) and through into a bedroom. It takes me approx 1 minute to get from one side of the apartment to the other. Which got me to thinking (apart from wanting to paint it dark of course) how to make small apartments fabulous. Normally I would have advised the one colour look throughout but sitting here (I forgot to mention there is a sofa in the corridor as you step through the front door its kind of in the kitchen) I think the way to go is to make each zone completely different otherwise I'm thinking I could get really bored. Rita Konig's old apartment in NY was also pretty small and she did a fabulous job of zoning certain areas giving each small bit a different look and feel. So for her kitchen which was also in the hallway she did this: Wallpapered (the most beautiful wallpaper by the way its by her mother Nina Campbell) her kitchen and hallway. Its dramatic but somehow its also whimisical, boho and very different. I think that's the key if I lived here I would do exactly the same - some big dramatic statement in the transitional area. The living area which I don't have here got a softer approach: I would have been a little bolder with my hues but hey - my point here is although the space is small Rina has really filled it to the brim with stuff which automatically makes it look and feel lived in and loved. I must dash with the incredibly long day yesterday we all overslept so please excuse I haven't answered any questions you guys posted yesterday I will do that tonight. Have literally 5 mins to get Maud feed, me showered then her off to school me off to work. Help!

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