Diminishing bland room syndrome

Am lying in bed as I type this trying very hard not to get up. We had a pretty nightmarish instal day yesterday at the show and everything aches. Enough of my moaning and groaning lets talk if we may - art. Art embellishes walls and gives them instant personality and you don't have to have a huge budget in order to find some pretty fabulous stuff. We are launching in the fall a little gallery at the back or our store with some very accessible art (think £30 or £40 pounds even). I am passionate about demystifying the whole fear that goes with starting a collection and want to showcase some truely cool finds including vintage. We all know that homes are a reflection of ourselves -so art is a great way of making a space totally unique. Try if possible not to theme (shells, and sailboats am thinking  not so fab) Far better to keep it eclectic and mix everything, frames, oils,prints. Also if a whole gallery esq wall scares then start small a little smattering of art above a desk, a sweet impromtu collection in the kitchen - running in a very graphic line along the hallway that sort of thing. This is the kind of thing I mean it takes time to build a collection such as this but hope to help you on your way with some of the great finds I have been amassing in the not to distant future. Thats me done - am now officially late I haven't spell checked I am afraid so forgive and ignore any mistakes.

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