Getting ready for Fall

I happen to love Autumn or Fall as I say more often than not. Cosying up the pad for shorter days and longer nights - introducing softer textures, more candlelight, bringing in baskets heaving with wood from the garden - the smells are intoxicating. I am sure by January I will be over it but right now as the seasons slowly change I love it. In dark coloured houses such as mine the soft Autumn/Winter light hitting the walls almost makes them look magical like they have been painted with velvet if that makes any sense at all. Add a few more softly glowing table lamps and suddenly you have on your hands the perfect sung come gentleman's club. Some easy 5 minute tips to bring your space bang into Fall are as follows; If you have bare boards consider a rug - skimming something soft and beautiful over the floor immediately softens the mood. I generally don't change cushions around, my summer cushions are the same as my winter cushions.  So imagine big big metallic stars in shimmery gold backed with velvet hanging out on chesterfields that have been embellished with softly woven merino wool cushions in colours that I adore, peat, powdery grey, olive etc. Lighting as I touched on briefly above is crucial to having a beautiful home one that is atmospheric and also practical. Sitting here typing this I count 7 lights in my studio, a gnome, 2 poodles, a vintage desk light, a jielde floor lamp another vintage floor lamp and a 70's plastic yellow lamp hanging out on the balcony. As dusk starts to roll in more and more lights go on so I end up with a beautifully lit room that softly glows - remember shadows are fundamental if you eliminate  them you will find yourself in a hospital waiting room - horrible! Bundles of foliage and autumnal flowers are also great. I pick great big branches of foliage off next doors hedge (oops coupled with eucalptus from my own garden) and I swap around the faux's. Big blousy bunches of hydrangeas in my favourite purples get plonked on coffee tables, side tables and even the table outside - crazy non? Coming in very shortly (3 weeks I believe)  is the most beautiful yellow autumnal blossom, roses that we literally sold out of last year in a matter of a few weeks and bunches and bunches  of the most beautiful cream hydrangeas. Which reminds me I need to call the courier company to drop here rather than the store so I can begin my swap around as soon as. Nothing quickens my heart rate like a new delivery of flowers - it just changes my home and my store around in a nano second. Enough ramblings have a good Thursday and below my studio sitting room winterised (photographed by Todd Selby)- but as I said it kind of stays like this year round - couldn't stand to lift up rugs and put cotton or silk cushion replacements on sofas. Thank goodness I don't live anywhere too hot hey as otherwise big dilemma's that would keep me awake for nights! They may look perfectly plumped in this shot but those big merino wool cushions on the sofa are Maud's favourite little sleeping nook but only in the morning when the sun pours in and she can snooze in a sun beam. In every room (almost) there is a fireplace like this we've had so many requests about them from the Selby shoot that we are going to start selling them in store. I digress,  sorry Autumn for me is all about fires generally lit after Maud and I's afternoon spin around the park  so anytime from 3 ish in the afternoon until bed.

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