Join me Holly Becker, Joanna Copestick and Leslie Shewring at Anthropologie next weekend

Hugely excited to announce next weekend on Sunday 25th September at Anthropologie London on the King's Road myself, Holly Becker, Joanna Copestick, and Leslie Shewring will be yabbering about all things mood board. As we all know mood boards are pretty essential in fleshing out your personal style by establishing the aesthetic feel of your space.I mood board for clients and I mentally mood board with my pad - at least 100 times a day new ideas spring into mind about what if I added this, moved this to there, painted blah blah a new colour. It drives Graham and it drives Maud a little crazy to say the least. Spaces are limited so all the details are below you have to RSVP in advance: I must tell you about all my buys for the holidays which I know is months off but hey I'm excited and I'm nabbing most of them for me let alone anyone else. This year we are going guns out with walls we plan to embellish our walls with as much art as possible and we are on a mission to convince everyone else to do the same. So coming in - fab affordable art from the States - graphic black and white font with super sweet sayings for as little as £12. Super sweet plaster rhino heads and butterfly's to adorn walls, some fabulous silhouettes of craggy old characters  on plates (sounds odd but believe me stopped me in my tracks when I saw them) as well as some fab affordable sketches. Apart from our Vegas carousel letters which I mentioned recently we've got beautifully softly coloured glassware from Morocco, giant size parrots (yay hey) - fabulous Alice in Wonderland vases think supersized jugs in calico and teal, amazing organic vessels again from the States, fabulous carafe's and oh my word amazing amazing t-lights. Mouth blown from glass in beautiful petrolly sludgy hues and a number of them are also filled with candles. I kid you not I added on 20 for me alone to smatter and scatter around my pad. That's me done - all new products will be on the web as soon as they hit the store - happy weekend.

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