Drop 10 pounds by painting your rooms dark!

Rather late this morning- Maud got picked up in for school at 7.30 when we were all still in our pjs which rather threw all of us - she didn't know whether to eat her Lily's kitchen beef something or other or run to the bus so she did a bit of both zooming back to take a bite - jumping at the door to get out and its all gotten a little frantic from there. Cleaner, gardener and photographer all about to arrive at the same time - zooming around like a headless thing tidying up the house and not noticing the very bad hair day happening - wondering if I can demand to be shot from the waist down only? Big thank you to this months Livingetc for saying if you want to crank up the cool factor head over to our store. Came across this interior in Lili Diallo's portfolio recently of a dark kitchen which is rather fabulous. It may surprise you but there are very few out there (dark kitchens that is). There is mine of course, not to mention one I have just finished for one of the worlds A listers (can't say who I hate to say just yet  but I will say that I have every confidence that once you guys have seen it you will all be banging on my door begging for dark interiors. That's my dream - a tad optimistic - yes I know! There is something rather sexy about a dark kitchen, handsome, strong, tantalising and may I just say not only do dark rooms make you look skinnier they make your food look way more beautiful do I need to bang on about it anymore. Without further ado here is the kitchen that Lili styled - by the way the drop 10libs thing is also a tad optimistic but I had to grab your attention some how!  

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