Talking Lights

We all know the importance of lighting in a home right, probably one of the most essential components in creating the most perfect pad. Often times overlooked are  - wall lights.  I have to admit there are very few out there that I like - plenty of vintage ones not so many modern finds. At Maison Objet I discovered a beauty a beaded number perfect for a bedroom buts its not available until 2012. Had considered smuggling it out but then security was tight and it could have gotten awkward.  Back to wall lights - lovely for the bedroom, living room, study, porch and so on - with wall lights you can really up the style ratings when it comes to experimenting with mood. The trick I think is to dim them so they softly glow and create beautiful shadows on your wall. Shadows are so important as they add intrigue and create atmosphere so please don't eliminate them. Someone commented as they walked past the house yesterday that I must be a lighting designer I guess because we have so many lights in each room - none particularly bright each softly glowing and as I took Maud out on an evening stroll we nosed into people's windows and had a little chat about their lighting or lack of it I should say. How many homes with just the single pendant hanging in the ceiling was incredible - Maud and I are considering going door to door to give a bit of advice (bet you are all glad you don't live near me right if I'm not banging on about dark colours then I'm on about lighting and lets not even mention coffee otherwise we shall be here all day). Have to fly still in gym kit un breakfasted and un showered. Lovely This is a rather cool wall light, looks fab against the dark wall. Oh and I'm excited to announce from December we will have these beautiful pineapple candle sconces in store - have them all over my house, particularly cool with a poodle underneath if I can say that.

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