Details and embellishments

Bit of a frantic one today, a French photography team are on eurostar as we speak on their way over to photograph me and the house. Its been a week of photography teams and its all feeling a bit surreal so you will excuse me if I don't linger to long here this morning - Maud and Graham are not a tidying pair so I've got to zoom round the house like the speed of light putting things away. Around 2pm check back here or on facebook as we will be holding our flash sale. Its all done on a first come first serve basis and many of the pieces are last remaining ones. We will be sorting out the stock this morning and blasting out at 2   think big big reductions. Back to today - or yesterday actually when I spoke at Focus in front of a fab crowd of around 170 people about how i felt people often times stop decorating too quickly. Its the details that we add afterwards to rooms that often times creates interest and intrigue so pile cushions on sofas, art on walls, stuff on mantle pieces and tables and so on. What we are after is to bedazzle so when you or someone else walks into the room they or you are instantly tantalised - there are so many references you don't quite know where to look. That's what makes things exciting, consciously or not your senses are activated and its FUN and its fun because  its stimulating. In my interiors paths are never straight you cannot walk in a straight line from one side of a room to another you have to weave and wander just as you would in a forest. Just as you see here - that's what makes for a good interior. Shove furniture against walls and plonk a coffee table in the middle not only do you clock it straight away I'm guessing its not a space you would want to linger in to long. Anyways late already - gotta go will post later with flash sale items

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