Mini holiday masterclass at my pad

A little later than usual apologises for this. I was thinking recently that  homes often times look their best during winter. The light is softer, everything feels super cosy and snug and even though many of us dread the thought of winter I kind of like it.I guess its because I've got my home (give or take a few rooms that still need revamping) exactly where I want it - the moment I walk through the door I get that instant feeling of squishy contentment until that is I walk into Graham's office where I get the urge to jump out of the window in horror! Back to my point - its pretty easy for me to create super cool interiors I've been doing it for yonks and I know from my many seminars recently (btw big exciting news on that front in the next number of weeks)  around the globe how many of you are up for injecting huge doses of personality into your homes. Decorating your home for winter and especially for the holidays doesn't have to cost the earth - we all want our pads to look super cool where friends and guests marvel and gasp at our interiors - it just involves thinking outside the box a little. So we were thinking of holding a mini masterclass here in my pad for one day (possibly running from sometime in Nov to sometime in  Dec on the weekend) on how to vamp up your pad for the holidays. We haven't worked out the logistics  so sorry for sounding vague but I would want to keep it intimate so no more than say 10 people each session, that way I would get to spend time with everyone running from 10-4 with a catered lunch, price £120. Let me know you're feedback, its purely an idea at this stage and would involve a big juggling of schedules - but then I'm crazy about the holidays and think its a fabulous time for creating some truely inspiring ideas to wow your family and make your friends jealous! By the way you would have to like dogs - Maud is prone to sitting on laps and being a bit of an all round nosy parker! Some images below taken from Rue magazine Whilst it may not be warm enough for us to be outside for long  I do have an outdoor fireplace where we could huddle with glasses of mulled wine - enough am getting excited and as I mentioned its only an idea - let me know what you guys think

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