Feeling Blue

Had a big change around of the store yesterday with the first of the new products in, installed and looking beautiful. The store looks amazing (if I am allowed to say that) I actually didn't want to leave fancied lighting the candles, pottering around doing the odd dust but those days have sadly gone I hate to say, regrettably far too busy. Our facebook page is upping the stakes, Maud now has her own regular column every Wednesday (this week she spoke about how to design the perfect outdoor space for squirrel patrolling)! Next week so I am told its all about finding the perfect chair for after dinner lounging. Every Thursday (although not this one just gone as I was in the store all day) there will be flash sales, discounts and deals as well as a whole heap of other stuff going on which is pretty exciting. Anyways lets talk about blue as its a colour I am quite drawn too and yet oddly enough have never used on the walls - Farrow and Ball have a lovely hue called Hague Blue inky and deep you could almost dive into it. I tend to use blue as an accessory so my desk is sprayed teal, vases and flowers are various hues of the colour yet I fancy going a little bit bolder. Like this space below where the homeowner has upholstered the doors in sapphire. I love that idea and also  that combination of blue and yellow, its so often associated with French county living and yet its been updated beautifully in this city pad. Blue in all its variations it’s worth noting is a colour that never seems to date and works uptown, downtown on the coast or in the country. Someone who will be feeling blue this weekend is hubby. Last weekend I brought an olive tree a big old thing normally retailing at £1800 plus. Except this particular nursery where I have coveted this tree for years was selling it off for a matter of £100 plus pounds plus they threw in 20 big old lavenders surrounding it. Only problem being its a little too big to get into the house (we are a terrace). Graham had repeatedly asked (like some broken record) had I  measured was I sure it would fit, of course I replied. I mean I measured realised it was too big and thought god dam I don't care if this thing gets craned over the house I'm having it! So tomorrow he has to dig the hole about 9000 feet deep I'm guessing we may be able to peek into it and see Australia and Monday it arrives. I  may not be alive on Tuesday! Happy Days x

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