Different ways with walls

Today the tree arrives, we, (that is the Royal we, so actually Graham) is taking the windows out as we speak in order to get the tree through. Here's hoping it fits - it doesn't but am kind of hoping beyond hope it does - otherwise will just have to chop off branches (terrible thought). Creating a soothing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes time, turning your lair into a visually pleasing space that cocoons, comforts and soothes is all about introducing a wide range of elements including of course, colour, texture, lighting and so on. What I really wanted to concentrate on today though was perhaps disregarding convention slightly and playing around with walls, just the odd one not the whole shebang in order to create that visual tension that I am always going on about. If you don't have an art collection to embellish plain painted walls think instead about covering the odd wall in a different material. Wood, tile, paper, tin. I am a huge fan of wooden panelling - infact its my next project I want to clad a floor to ceiling wall in the bedroom in it so it feels a tad rustic but luxuriously restrained at the same time. Then I just need to throw in some eye grabbing accessories and wham bam it immediately becomes a space to rest and restore energy. Some images below to inspire all photography by Michael Wee. I must put tools down and go and help otherwise the air we be blue if it isn't already! So simple yet so effective. For my bedroom I actually want the wood on the horizontal and far  more rustic and grey but still adore the effect and no art necessary. A distinctive paper adds instant flair there are very few papers that I like - couldn't even count them on one hand I don't think but this works its fun. Not totally sure what this material is in the bathroom but adore the effect,  and I must say I know some designers poo poo the odd statement wall treatment thing, dismissing it as a trick that the cheaper interior mags use time and time again but I think in isolation it works.  There really are no rules in decorating please don't let anyone tell you otherwise and those that  there are break otherwise you will have on your hands homogenized co-ordinated spaces where everything matches perfectly and everything is bland. Ugg!

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