The magpie approach

Tuesday morning, still dark, still very early but I'm happy the big olive tree got delivered yesterday and with the help of 5 people we managed to get it through the house and into the back garden. Now it looks like its been here for ever, I shall take pictures when its a little more settled in and relaxed. I was reading the blog daily imprint, an Australian blog and a good one at that and came across the home of stylist Heather Nette King. Heather's story is an interesting one she worked in PR for ages but really wanted to switch careers and get into styling which she has now successfully done. Her home is eclectic and fun, full of stuff she obviously love's and the minute you look at her home it  shouts happy home. That dear friends is the recipe for creating a fabulous home, if you love the stuff you put in it that will translate to others. Nothing matches or particularly co-ordinates it’s a hodge podge but it makes sense. To quote Sir Paul Smith (which by the way I do often) ' stop making sense, logic is so boring’. Become a magpie or bowerbird as they say down under and introduce a whole host of different elements to make your house unique and full of personality. How do you know when you've nailed it? Easy peasy when you walk into your room and there is so much going on (not in a crazy way panic not) that you don't quite know where to look. Your eye is drawn to the chair, no the painting, wait no the rug!  See what I mean - Consciously or not my senses are stimulate and I’m tantalised and its only 7am in the morning. Blimey gotta love design!  

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