Colour Schemes

Good morning - I must tell you if you didn't know already that Maud has her own weekly column on my facebaook page. She's called it Maud's musings and today she will be discussing how to source the perfect chair. She's compiled a little guide (think this column may be going to her head). Anyways it will be on fb in about an hour as she is still under the duvet snoring lightly being only 6.45 am! I wondered if you might indulge me slightly this morning and could stand me banging on (not again I here you cry) about the merits of going dark. I recently came across some photography by Prue Ruscoe of some lovely dark interiors and wondered if I might be able to convince anyone to cross over to the dark side. It sounds weird I know but painting walls a dark colour not only adds oodles of style it actually dissolves the walls and therefore makes rooms appear more spacious. Add a jolt of colour, think teal, burnt orange, yellow, red, pink on and on I could go and magic starts to happen. If its too scary a thought consider one wall its only paint after all pretty easy to paint back if you really hated the effect (which you won't I promise). With the holidays looming up quickly its the perfect time to ramp up the style ratings in your pad, just remember to layer the lighting and add shots of colour. Oh and dark colours need at least 2 if not 3 coats to look totally fabulous. Changing your paint colour is the most transformative thing you can do to a space- the best bit it can easily be undertaken in a day. Got to love paint what else turns walls from drab to fab in a matter of hours? Beautiful, even though its broken up with alot of white the floors and ceilings look stunning and create a beautiful backdrop in which to offset everything else. Love love love the idea of a children's room in black - just beautiful  

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