Meet Mungo

I forgot this morning to introduce you all to Mungo, thanks for all the help with the name selection by the way. Super affectionate, super smelly (we've had baths and he is getting a little more fragrant) plus on the weekend we are off to the groomers so that should help. Maud who smells like a peanut just so you know keeps sniffing him and then holding her nose in the air. He also suffers from separation issues following either Graham or me everywhere the last people that had him worked and left him home all day and he howled pissing off the neighbours I believe. One slightly annoying fact is here I am in my lovely studio, scented candle gently fragrancing the air, fire crackling in the hearth , lights softly glowing, THREE different rugs skimming the floor, dog bed (a posh one by my feet with a chew in) and up stairs he lays on floorboards in Graham's miserable office. No lights on, no music, paperwork all over the floor, socks, old cups of coffee and god knows what else. Boys together I guess - couldn't imagine what else the attraction could be!

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