Final 2 dates added to masterclasses

We have been overwhelmed, blown away and exhilarated at the amazing response to my masterclasses. Due to the incredible demand (there are tons of people now on the waiting list) I've added two more dates. These I hate to say are the final two dates (otherwise I will possibly look 500 years old by Christmas Day) so without further ado : Friday 2nd December Saturday 10th December are now up for grabs. I want to keep things intimate and small that way we can all relax and yabber, plus its held in my pad and its not the largest space on earth and rather than clearing down and putting a hundred chairs everywhere I was kind of imaging we all just hang out in amongst all my stuff (not being the most practical of designers that may not work but I think it will)! Mentioned it before but should mention again you will have to like dogs, we now have two,  Maud (very grown up, super smart and a little to cool for school if I say so myself, and Mungo our new addition, 7 months old, lively and  a rescue with a few seperational issues). He will follow everyone everywhere even to the loo- just to warn. Welcome to my world am supposed to close the door on him so he gets used to not always following just can't stand to just yet seeing that he's been through quite a lot in his short little life already To book you will need to call or email the store asap as places go super fast - Tel: +44 207 354 8181, Good luck xx

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