I’m getting a little obsessed with patterned floors thinking they are kind of bubblicious  and a  fab way of  updating  a room. Too often we think about the walls but tend to forget the floors and yet the floor really sets the benchmark and grounds a space. When you add pattern think of it like adding a herb or spice suddenly your interior will zing. You can do as I’ve done and softened wooden boards with rugs some of mine are vintage some new but most of them patterned , or you can be even more adventurous and tile, paint or even dare I say carpet. Fabulous for transitional areas like loos or hallways/entranceways where you are just passing through or come to think of it Graham’s office where I run through – (I hate it so). The thing about pattern is it adds immediate drama, it can be whimsical or serious, bold or subtle whichever way you go it truly brings a space alive.Plus one other advantage which I nearly forgot about (how I don’t know I screamed for like an hour) patterned floors hide a multitude of sins.  Mungo our new dog run upstairs to my studio threw up on the  rag rug and then zoomed downstairs unbeknown to me until I stepped init. Not nice Mungo! Lovely for a dressing room - a good black and white stripe Also pretty fab for a dressing room or bedroom - normally I wouldn't go for something quite so floral but I love it. Love love love love love this floor and fancy doing something similar myself - can't tell if this is painted or some kind of vinyl but I adore it! These tiles look like a rug - very clever indeed, if the floor was plain can you imagine how boring the space would look. Subtle but lovely in this dining area, as I mentioned getting a little more obsessed with the thought of adding pattern to our floors. Wondering if I can add this in to the long list of revamps we have to do before masterclass days - shall suggest over a bottle of something this evening to hubby (maybe 20 bottles - he is not so impressed with the list so far)!

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