Talking bookshelves and shelves

Bit of a frantic morning after a terrible night - 2 dogs in the bed and not an inch for me so I barely slept and Mungo can't seem to keep any food down. I am not sure if it’s the change of circumstances and a different diet but poor little thing is throwing up alot. One more day of this and then we're off to the vets.Down to business I've mentioned this I'm thinking a trillion times but adding colour to a space is one of the most transformative things you can do. I'm obsessed about dissolving planes and junctions so that the space plays visual tricks - i.e. looking grandeur and larger than it really is. By that I mean painting everything the same hue, shelving, floors, walls, and ceilings. I'm particularly obsessed about painting bookshelves  or indeed shelves out in the same hue as the walls that way what’s inside them zings out in the most theatrical of manners. I have in the past brought Ikea shelves, and painted over the top (not so easy since they are not wooden) and in my studio we constructed a rather larger bookcase mostly made of mdf and then beaded that merges beautifully into the walls. Then you add a shot of unexpected turquoise, vibrant pink a smidge of burnt orange say  (through flowers, accessories or books) and you will suddenly have on your hands one super cool looking shelf or bookcase. Basically the interest comes through what’s inside the bookcase or on your shelves - this is what adds a different dimension not to mention intrigue. Two images two inspire I so want to build a floor to ceiling bookcase downstairs except I would like 1000 tomes, art and who knows what else and time regrettably is something I am pretty short of. Happy weekend everyone - Maud and Mungs are off to the saloon its haircut day tomorrow - thinking they might be able to do me as well if I'm lucky!    

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