Interior Therapy

You don’t need to seek out a therapist when you get the decorating right at least that's what I’m thinking. When you walk through the door and your heart rate increases because every single thing in that entranceway is there because you love it. Not just the entranceway obviously your whole house, no matter the time of day or the time of year, you walk through the door and zing – instant happiness. I did something as simple as changing the summer blossom in my vases over the weekend with our new faux winter blossom – yellow/twiggy and amazing  made me instantly happy - skipping round the room type happy. People actually knocked on the door and asked where I got the flowers from which made me even happier! Anyways entranceways are hard to get right – they are often narrow and in my case not totally working. We are off to the DIY store (that’s Graham and I of course, Maud and Mungo are off to school – Mungo’s first day and I’m a little nervous being only a baby. No doubt I shall be calling every hour to check on him – yep one of those mothers)! Anyways we’re off to the DIY store to figure out how to panel the hall. I’ve currently got a bit of art hanging there but not enough to make an impact so am hoping panelling will somehow pull the hallway together. Panelling, art anything that embellishes walls and brings them alive will up the heart rate. Look at these two images for example – there isn’t a ton of art but what there is totally nails it and brings the walls alive. That’s exactly what I’m on the hunt for – a good piece of art relatively inexpensive  to just bring the area alive – that and a bit of panelling possibly. Photography by Chris Court

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