Design on a shoestring

4am and have tossed and turned for the last few hours with sleep alluding me so have had enough and am up. Mungo as well as course (due to his separation issues you can't even walk to the other side of the room without him following). Sadly enough I think my sleep depravation is   to do with my new downstairs loo which is having a bit of a revamp and which I’m terribly excited about. Sad hey? Who says you have to spend oodles of pounds to have a super stylish loo or any room for that matter - design on shoestring is totally do able you just have to be incredibly creative. Now for my downstairs loo I wanted a rustic vibe,  its bijou so enough room for one and Mungo of course . No matter how many different colours I've painted it out in with no natural light and positioned under the external stairs this little space has until now been rather neglected. No longer -I gave myself 3 hours it was like something out of The Renovators (to those of you in Australia) to source everything I needed to nail this room. I was like a crazy woman zooming here there and everywhere to get it done. First up a visit to the reclamation yard where I found some fab rustic boards from old tropical hardwood that are knotted, grainy and quite splintery –loving them. Next B&Q super tiny little circular white sink £49 (don't like the silver plug though need to change), and a fab antique brass bath tap which I'm using as a sink tap (always makes a bathroom feel far grandeur if you use big taps over small sinks), bit of new grout for the floor and an old mirror to hang above the sink and wham bam nailed it. Infact the Aesop hand wash and hand cream, the scented candle and big blousy bunch of my faux blooms are costing more than the materials. Very proud of myself should have my own magazine or TV programme I reckon, quite fancy shouting start work, stop work a la Brendon (none of this will make any sense unless you've watched The Renovators so please ignore)!! Now I've just got to do it (that's the Royal we by the way, so of course I mean G of course) looks like his weekend is shaping up very nicely. I’m thinking he can finish it within the day if he starts at the crack of dawn if I can wait that long! Some inspirational pics below that inspired my new revamp: I love mixing a rustic vibe  with a glam one - it's all about creating visual friction, it shouldn't really work but it kind of does.

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