Closets the walk in kind

I am thinking I want one, a walk in closet that is.  My dilemma do I take a third of the bedroom up with building out the closet or stick to wardrobes that take far less space? I am leaning towards building out, it would make the bedroom much smaller but then I am not sure that bothers me. I don't want the bedroom to be multi functional so don't want to work in it, hold coffee mornings in it, or any of that sort of stuff. Just want a big bed, maybe a chair by the fire, heap of textiles and a rug oh and a chandelier, some cool bedside tables, bedside lamps - who says I am difficult! I've been wadding through some inspirational images of closets,  some people have given over whole rooms which I could also do but for some reason am reticent. I was saying to G this morning I am sure if I had a closet things wouldn't be in such a mess, I can see myself happily humming away whilst folding neatly into piles jumpers, stacking shoes etc rather than the sorry state of affairs my current wardrobe is in. He raised his eyebrows and said he thought the humming would last the duration of approximately 5 minutes.  G is in a bit of a bad mood he has got to panel our downstairs loo this weekend in rustic old wood with a ton of splinters and he is not so happy with the chore ahead. Maud, Mungo are I are his assistants with an eye on the clock I reckon we can finish it in 2 hours! First up two dream closets whereby the whole room is actually the walk in robe as they say in Australia: Love it, a whole room as a closet would be amazing. Jenna Lyon's closet or room I should say remains one of my favourite. However I've decided not to give over a whole room instead incorporate into the bedroom. Perfect little nook for shoes, loving the rug and below a simple nook converted into a closet.

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