Monochrome interiors

A big huge thank you to the Telegraph this weekend who featured  the best 20 blogs on interiors and listed mine as one of them along with Apartment Therapy amongst others so hugely delighted and flattered thank you. Thank you also to you guys for reading the number of hits week on week is astonishing  and amazing so again thank you, it makes it so worth while. Lets  talk interiors, more to the point lets talk about monochrome schemes. Generally I'm not a fan they feel a little too limited and unimaginative for me and way to easy.However I recently came across a space that used such a palette and I kind of like it, kind of that is! I like how the serene rather calm space is broken up with fiercer deliberate contrasts of black and I love a black kitchen, nothing looks more fab in my humble opinion than a kitchen painted out in deep sludgy hues. The only slight problem is that streamlined cabinets and high performing appliances are all very well but for me it needs a burst. A burst of something, an element of tongue in cheek whimsy, a painting and a little more stuff - you know what I mean those everyday items - vital ingredients that turn something that is ordinary into extraordinary. With a monochrome scheme its also quite hard to inject that easy laid back kind of ambience that I am so obsessed about as it has a tendency to feel a little uptight. Not that I should start moaning paneling the smallest loo on earth in rustic old timber caused all sorts of domestic issues this weekend and its still not done. Happy halloween - Maud and Mungo want to go door to door tonight banging on doors for dog treats and  they want outfits (so as not to be outdone by the kids). As if I haven't got enough to do the pressure is on!

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