Bar Talk

I am so mad with Graham I  diligently worked all day yesterday on a project (10 hours maybe) plus also typed out my blog post ready to install bright and early this morning,  he has been working on my computer this morning and lost the lot. OK I didn't save the page but that is not the point mad mad mad mad mad particularly when I have so little time.Enough about him he has gone out thank goodness, hopefully for a very long time (like maybe a decade)!  And by the way he just gently  closed the front door behind him which I then re-opened and banged 3 TIMES to high heaven  much to the concern of  an eye brow raising neighbour who can go and ........! Lets move on to booze (in need of quite a bit of right now). I am becoming obsessed about bars or to be more precise drinks trolley's. They seem big in the States, Rita Konig had one in her hallway in her old NY apartment which I adored,  and I see them time and time again in cropping up in nooks, under window sills flanking two chairs anything goes. Some people go for the real mcCoy others like moi turn any old table into one. Nothing shouts old fashioned hospitality like having a bar. Like always there are a few tricks of the trade, to have a cool one you need something to anchor the table I've plonked a big bunch of blooms on mine, you could equally go for a lamp, a mirror,  piece of art something that makes your bar less functional and softens it. Some images to inspire you below, sorry for the short post too mad to even type today! Love this bar feels glam yet intimate, having art behind and blooms on the table turns it into the perfect little vignette. By the way Maud who has her weekly Wednesday column (Maud's musings) on my facebook page  has just told me she has gone on strike in sympathy with me and will not be putting pen to paper as a mark of respect until Graham finds that darn file!

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