Talking Tommy Hilfiger, the Dementors and dark interiors (of course)

I listen to NPR a lot (National Public Radio to those of you outside of the States) Morning Edition, Fresh Air All Things Considered quietly talking away in the background as I work or potter. Maud and Mungo prefer Radio 4 not sure Mung’s totally understands being only a baby but I like and I like to think they like the comfort of a voice – be that Radio 4 or NPR. I was thinking I would be an extremely rich person if I could bottle up that vibe that these two stations emit so the minute you get home you could sprinkle it around like pixie dust magic and wham bam suddenly you’ve got one seriously cool pad on your hands. Shall work on a potion in my spare time. Someone the other day asked me why I am so obsessed with interiors, I think the reason is because, and this is what is so fascinating to me,  we are the sole and very own master of our environment. How it looks, functions, feels sounds, and smells is basically down to us. Intoxicating stuff hey. Some of us want dark moody spaces as seen below, others of us light filled pale spaces (no example below sorry don’t like pale interiors)! My point though is however you want your space to look and feel you can totally create it. Small budget, big budget it doesn’t really matter it has nothing to do with money. Infact I  was looking at Harpers Bazaar last night at some celebrity homes and had to reach for the bottle..Tommy Hilfiger's  pad at the Plaza in New York not good – so not good.  Decorated to an inch of its life it almost felt like a bunch of the  Dementors from Harry Potter had swung  by to suck out the life and sole - but hey maybe that was the brief to the designer. If so bravo you totally nailed that look! How simple but how sweet is this, dark backgound, big stack of mags, papers etc, the odd piece of art, a lamp - super cool. See why I love dark interiors - you don't really need that much (a can of paint) and yet for so little you get so much back. A beautiful, cosy sophisticated bedroom.  

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