Subject of the day - upping the style ratings

I cannot move my neck this morning now there is an extra one in the bed (Mungo).  I am sleeping on the strangest angles, Maud's on the pillow above my head, Mungo is half way down but spread full out so nights are not quite as simple as they used to be. Chuck in a weekend of fireworks with two barking scared dogs, I've probably slept a total of about 5 hours, so much DIY that I'm ready and packed to move to a McMansion and you kind of get the idea of our weekend. The hallway isn't panelled they don't kind of work. Having torn around DIY stores most of Saturday morning we ended up at one place ten minutes before closing time (who shuts at 12pm by the way)? with me running up and down the rows like a mad woman. Maud and Mungo chasing after me as I’m flinging bits of timber panelling on the floor which Mungo proceeded to eat only to find it wouldn't fit in the Merc, G had to walk and carry it all home and I then hated it! Happy days. It looked cheap and something out of a tacky interiors show. Nope ditched that idea and now we’ve just added a dado, which actually kind of works. Gotta try these ideas honey, some may work others may not that’s all I am saying on the subject! Subsequently late last night I had the very fabulous idea of moving our hall console down to the lower ground floor and switching with the basement console. The hall console is rustic, HEAVY and earthy whilst the basement console is red, glossy and shouts rock n roll. We were all tired (lack of sleep) and in our pj’s but it couldn’t wait it was one of those ideas. In a very round about kind of way this gets me onto the subject of the day. If you want to create magic and turn a room from being ordinary to extraordinary you need at least one amazing piece. Doesn’t have to cost a bomb it just needs to make you gasp and make your heart skip a beat. You could spray a vintage piece as I have done with my console for a bit of instant drama, you could hang on oversized chandelier in a small room (which I do time and time again). You could add a funny piece of art to a wall, a fab object, a chair upholstered in a beautiful hue, one piece (ideally more but one is good for starters) that is incredible. Do that and you will have on your hands a delicious and most covetable interior. Photography Sharyn CairnsThere are three amazing pieces in this space that make your heart flutter, the chair of course AMAZING in that hue, closely followed by the painting and the lamp. [caption id="attachment_2705" align="aligncenter" width="431" caption="Photography Sharyn Cairns"][/caption] Add a super sized piece to a room and magic really does start to happen. We have this chandelier in the store I've been thinking about pinching it for ages and bringing it home only trouble being its not something I could do single-handedly and I don't have many supporters who agree with me on this Got to go things are in such a mess that I’ve cleared the diary for the day to finish where we left off yesterday. Its all very silent here as no one seems to be talking to me not even Mungo and Maud who didn’t appreciate console moving at such a late hour, oh well who cares I have Radio 4 and NPR to keep me company!

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