Alternate Design School Launches Feb 2012

Happy, excited and thrilled to be able to announce the fact that I am launching a design school BUT with a difference. Have had such amazing response from my master classes with people flying in from across the globe (including can you believe Australia and America) including its hard to believe long waiting lists of people on reserve lists that I decided it was time to open up the doors of my studio and open a  school Abigail Style!  Classes are one day only and be prepared to be tantalised and propelled into the fast lane. Forget muted, understated, matching interiors instead think bold, blingy, fabulous and decorative. My vibe - a kind of tongue in cheek synthesis of bohemia meets Hollywood glamour breaks rules, quickens the heart beat, makes friends jealous and gleefully pushes the design envelope. Its not the stuff you get taught at design school its gutsy its dazzling and it turns tradition on its proverbial ear. I will yabber on about how to create personality ladened interiors that quicken the heart beat, how to masterfully mix, how to play with scale, pattern, colour and texture to lend depth and excitement to any room. I will I am sure (although shall try and restrain myself)  make you all promise that you will cross over to the dark side and paint at least one room (even the tiny teeniest room dark)! Spaces are limited so booking is essential, I will increase the number of dates shortly (am just waiting on the schedules of a few major projects to come in which I would love to tell you about but its all hush hush at the mo) and of course you have to like dogs. Mungo (our new rescue) has separation issues so will follow anyone as long as its a person anywhere and then go and bash up Maud a few times a day. The vibe is relaxed (its in my home after all)  laid back and with these two guys a little chaotic at times but FUN. Before I forget you can also buy as a gift voucher (perfect present don't you think - might be popping a few through the doors of the neighbours) if I can dare say that!

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