Making the ordinary extraordinary

I happen to believe that life is far more enjoyable, happier, easier and way more pleasurable if you love your home and in order to love it its got to look pretty darn cool. You don't have to be a millionaire, making your home into something luxurious and comfortable actually has very little to do with money. Todd Selby's website pretty much verifies this,  yes some of the homes he has shot have had oodles of money spent on them but many haven't. Todd shot some of the best pictures I've ever seen of my house and whilst many people think I've spent a fortune in many instances I haven't.  There are a few tricks of the trade as they say in turning  ordinary rooms into extraordinary rooms. Check out the homes that you see in the glossy magazines - they are always, repeat always filled with perfect flower arrangements. The reason as designers and stylists know only to well is that flowers add instant glamour, enlivening dark corners, shelves, tables they make a space feel instantly cared for and loved. If you live in London you must visit  Columbia Road flower market I go every Sunday and at this time of year it’s fabulous, berries, bundles of foliage, hydrangeas, roses all reasonable, and all beautiful. Fairy lights (no longer just for Christmas) are one of the coolest decorative accessories around. They add instant glamour drape over paintings, mantles, trail them along the floor or hang around mirrors as I have done. One of the easiest was to add luxury is through textiles, cushions and throws woven from luxurious materials. I've got merino wool floor cushions, throws and cushions everywhere (I’m lucky I know I have a store and I sneak them out), however markets are fab for finding textiles. Old velvet drapes are always a fab buy particularly when you turn them into cushions, simple plain blankets can be easily embellished with lavish trimmings. Obviously I'm going to talk about colour for a sec as it makes a big difference in turning ordinary to extraordinary. White, pale or neutral spaces for me are a get out - too easy, I understand why they are so popular they stand the test of time, little effort is required EXCEPT I want something a little more tantalising, richer more sophisticated and cocoon like. It is difficult there is no question about that so all I would say when it comes to colour follow your instinct keep your eyes open and be prepared to experiment. That's me done for the day happy weekend - I've got the craziest one from being in the store at 4am tomorrow sorting out all the new stock to attempting for the third weekend running to panel the loo, to hunting out where to buy Christmas trees this early on for my master classes, first one, one week away, yikes! Oh its Graham’s birthday today, happy birthday honey, Maud, Mungo and I forgot- terrible I know and we haven’t done a thing. However this afternoon when he is out we are going to make cards –muddy  paw print ones and bake a cake. For a present thought he might fancy a rug which I kind of need downstairs! All images below shot by Todd Selby Flowers, the most fabulous thing you can do to a room is add flowers, faux or otherwise and I am obsessed. Textiles cozy up a space, add texture, intrigue, personality and warmth.

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