New global style

Days are crazy, yesterday up at 3.30 today the same so apologises for lack of post yesterday. I got up an extra half an hour early to write the post (we were off to the flower market at 4) but the coffee machine decided to pack up and I can’t do I thing (not a thing) without a cup of coffee. So I shoved the tool box on a sleeping Graham and asked (actually I think I may have yelled that there is enough stress going on without coffee stress, which I should add superseeds all the other stresses, and please can he fix NOW). Which he did and peace luckily has been restored. Lets talk interiors I was flicking through an old copy of Vogue and was come across an article on new global style. Global  style but giving it an urban twist if you will. I am a huge fan – and have peppered my pad with the odd African stool, Morrocan rugs, glassware from Italy, mirrors from Belgium. I adore African batik prints, Pueruvian alpaca knits, hand thrown tableware. What knocks this kind of look out of the park is when you plonk it in an urban setting. Of course you don’t need to travel to find these kind of pieces, the internet, flea markets, auction houses are all fabulous resources the key I think it to layer the home with some simple finds which then lets the global finds be the star. For example I’ve layered an Ikea console (which everyone who comes to the house thinks I got it from B&B Italia) with a superzixed table lamp, some wonky vases from Aftica and a heap of mags. Its simple stuff and its so easy to create magic. In a nutshell its all about creatiing as much visual tension as you can. So for example on my laxquered Ikea console (super shiny) my lamp has the hugest base in bronze, hand thrown and hand glazed it contrastas beuatifullfy with the table. The wonky pots from Ikea also look amazing on the Ikea piece they elevate it actually to B&B Italia status. Style has nothing to do with money which is a pretty exciting thing to know going into the weekend hey. I’m master classing all weekend so final preperations here today on cleaning the house and running around like a headless thing – but the coffee mahcine is working the birds are singing so all is good. Time now to wake the sleeping three, Maud, Mungo and Graham up as they need to get into action its nearly 5am already! This is what I am talking about - filling your pad with finds from all over the place. Photographs Todd Selby

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