Tis the season

Hugest hugest thank you to all those who came to the master classes this weekend. It was so much fun meeting everyone, and unbelievably everyone liked the house (which was my hugest worry), Maud and Mungo were sooo well behaved we couldn't quite believe it. Apart from Maud throwing up in front of everybody (few to many nibbles I think) it was a fabulous weekend. Loved hearing about people’s decorating dilemma’s and hopefully solved a few. Time and time again the layering issue came up be that surfaces or walls and luckily this house is quite a good case study as there is stuff on every surface.One of my top top tips would be the use of mirrors, whether you plonk them on a wall or prop them up they expand horizons and totally bring a space together. The key is to make sure what you are reflecting is desirable, I’m a fan of the supersized variety add a larger mirror than you ought and its almost as if someone has come in and sprinkled some pixie magic dust around the space. A fab alternative to art my favorite places to plonk them are entrance ways (so often neglected and often times lacking light) you will find they automatically open them up. Living rooms and dining rooms also look fabulous when you add mirrors, particularly if you start reflecting chandeliers, fairly lights and candle light. No rest for the wicked I am off the store we have had so many deliveries in over the last few days which I have totally neglected that I need to get in there and sort. Maud and Mung’s are off the school, the builder is BACK to finish paneling the loo if its not done for this weekends master class I may have to let the tires down on his vehicle so he doesn’t leave. Oh and before I go a big thank you to Red Magazine for mentioning the new design school launching here in the New Year - very exciting! One more little thing last week I lost my phone with EVERYONE'S number on which I hadn't of course backed up. Have got a replacement and am on the same number so guys if you can email me in telephone numbers shall this time back up promise! You can never have enough mirrors as seen here in this NY pad recently featured in Rue Magazine. If you happen to have a lot of small ones consider grouping multiple ones on the same wall for a fab effect.

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