5 minute face lift

One of the easiest things you can do to add warmth to your pad is add textiles. I  recently brought some sheepskin rugs the plan to drape over cold white dining chairs. Except Maud and Mungo were having none of it, dragged them off and now they skim the floors and one of  Maud's alternate sleeping chairs. They LOVE then and I being an utter softy don't have the heart to take them away. They are so versatile, enlivening chairs, adding a fluffy dimension to floor boards I am becoming a little obsessed. Any textile for that matter will transform your pad instantly - heaps of cushions, floor cushions, rugs I call them the 5 minute face lifts of the decorating world. If you can mix up the texture and or pattern or indeed both you'll have a pretty amazing space on your hands. The key is to create as much tension as you can, sounds a little odd I know. In the master classes I wander people around my pad where metallic star cushions hang out with merino woven cushions, or a little plush velvet thing sits on a leather clubby chair. The more friction you create the more interesting a space becomes. Talking of friction if the tiniest loo or the planet has not been clad by the end of this day much tension will occur! Below an image of Hilary Swank's NY pad softened with textiles - her back wall by the way panelled with old barn wood is the exact look I'm going for in my bijou loo One more thing thank you so much to everyone for their comments on the blog who attended the master class. Made everything so worth while and to get that kind of feed back - amazing. Thank you x  

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