Inspirational new interiors tome

I don't buy as many interior tomes as I used to. My shelves used to be groaning with them, but now I find there are very few out there that I really love. I can't bear uptight anymore - I want to see pages of unstuffy, laid back interiors á la Selby or indeed this very new release by the fab photographer Martyn Thompson. Martyn's work has been gracing the pages of many of the glosses for years now and in INTERIORS he profiles homes that he particularly loves. There is nothing pretentious or formulaic about these homes. There's layers and layers of personality and cool finds, and as I bang on about all the time in my Design School, the more layers you create the more appealing you make an interior. The plan (or at least my plan) is to bedazzle people the moment they walk through the door. All the senses should be engaged through colour, scale, pattern, texture and scent not forgetting a twist of the unexpected. If want the perfect coffee table guide to pulling this off, Mr Thompson's your man. I leave you with another page from his book. It's a crazy day ahead and feeling a little overwhelmed! Sure it will pass but sometimes I wish I just kept bees in the country, made jam and pottered around with Mungo and Maud rather than getting up at 5.00am and working till who knows when. The joys of €running one's own business I guess. Have a good day everyone!

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