Flower Power

Apologises for the lack of posts these last few days I have the craziest schedule for the next few months just to warn so might miss the odd post.  Yesterday up at 3 am back at 10 so its a little full on. Also a big big thank you to all of those of you who came along to the master classes this weekend it was fabulous meeting you all, thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Flowers are something on everybody’s mind this time of year, how to do something that's cheap, looks stunning and gets visitors and guests gasping. The simplest tip is to colour block, rather than mixing up your posies stick to one colour, it tends to look far more expensive that way. Also don't show the stems, let flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, carnations, parrot tulips etc. skim the top of the vessel they are in, again they look far more expensive. If you are short of a few vases use jars,  do as I do and line them with foliage, think big fat leaves as below. Those French glass yoghurt pots make excellent containers for little sprigs of berries, herbs etc. and double up beautifully as t-light holders.  Its much better to have smaller bunches than one big ta da bunch in the centre of the dining table, and talking of t-light holders they are the perfect vessel for small posies of flowers. Flower markets are fabulous at this time of year with the hugest selection to buy from just go early to get the best selection. We generally go at 4 which is unearthly I agree but once you're up and whizzing through London with no traffic around its so worth it.

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