Animal inspired stuff

Early 4.30am start for me so please excuse any spelling mistakes. Its also quite possible that I have lost the plot with it being so early by suggesting that I am considering ditching the classic white simple bed linen look in lieu of some animal inspired stuff. Patterned bed linen takes me a little out of my comfort zone, not sure why but I get that anxious slightly panicky feeling every time I'm about to take the plunge. Crazy no?  Yet it’s so transformative in a room particularly if you don't have a lot of pattern going on, as I don't. Couple of examples both from the high street below. You have to imagine that I would accessorise with pillows, throws, rugs and so forth so it wouldn't look quite as simple but having had to research bedrooms quite thoroughly yesterday I suddenly starting thinking why is mine so boring. I bang on about tantalising, surprising interiors and how important it is to add that element of wit and there am I with my simple boring bedding in a room that lacks any visual intrigue. As I say in my classes adding animal inspired things is the easiest decorating tool around, be that bedding or otherwise as it instantly lightens the mood and you need absolutely zero skill. So around my house I've got concrete penguin lamps. dog lamps, owl vases, paper mache elephants and so on. It’s the easiest decorating trick around to add whimsy and big name designers (Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler) do it all the time. Kind of quite like this, its possible that by tomorrow I will not but right now its feeling a little cool! Now don't panic with this one it looks cheap because the chandelier is tacky and the pillows and throw horrible. With dark sludgy walls kind of thinking it might work? That is me done for the day, quick shower, banana another coffee and kisses for Maud and Mung's and then jumping into a cab to whizz me across London to the station, busy days.  

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