Pushing boundaries

A big thank you morning this morning first up to of all those who came to the master class this Saturday, a very enjoyable day and also to Style, Sunday Times for their very lovely write up of my Alternative Design School. The school is something I've been thinking about for yonks so terribly excited to get it off the ground. Due to a rather crazy unexpected project which has me working 16-hour days plus I've had to postpone the start date until April but from then on in they are held every month in my pad.  Before I zoom off to the pharmacy (it seems that the stress and long hours are kicking in and I seem to have some not so good looking rash type thing all over my face and eyes, lovely) I wanted to write today about taking risks. Time and time again I think we can all be to narrow minded (me included) and shut down ideas without exploring them to the max. Yet in design it’s those people who take risks, who push the design envelope that seem to have the most magical of interiors. I am of course talking about Kelly Wearstler and Philippe Starck. They both have a very distinctive voice, they take risks maybe they don't always work but my goodness they certainly make us think. I wish more people would follow in their footsteps and experiment more with colour, scale, lighting, pattern and so on. It’s addictive I promise once you start experimenting and seeing how transformative colour is to a space, or lighting, or scale you never look back you just go on and on pushing boundaries. That’s me done for the day I will leave you with an image bellow of Kelly's pad and a quote from the lady herself  ‘My motto in life is take risks; you don't have a voice if you don't. You have to venture outside your boundaries. That's what life's all about’. Here, here

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