Happy 2012

I love the beginning of a new year because the slate is clean as it were and you get to start all over again. Not that I want to wipe last year from my mind it was perhaps the craziest and most exciting one yet work wise. The seminar in Australian, opening my design school, being asked to co-present a TV series (more on that in February as I'm not allowed to say anything until it's broadcast) and the hugest accolade to design the location set for Heston Blumenthal's new TV series How to Cook Like Heston (Channel 4 Wednesday 4 8pm).  Expect an Alice in Wonderland magical vibe to match Heston's magical food. The interior is dark and it’s peppered with pieces that tantalise, seduce and intrigue. We've broken boundaries, Heston with his food and me with my interior for him. I've designed it as I design anything with integrity, confidence and verve with of course a twist of the unexpected. The most successful interiors have an element of risk if you don't take risks you don't achieve anything, which pretty much mirrors Heston's food if I say so myself. So as you can see am hugely excited, the show airs prime time with one of the world’s greatest chiefs, cooking and hanging out in a dark, inky sludgy interior designed by moi.  Maybe just maybe more people will be willing to convert to the dark side once they see how fabulous the results are. So am hoping this year will be even more amazing than last year - although how it can get much better I do not know (possibly I do know but its not so much down to me and anyways I digress) A few weeks ago sitting in a restaurant in East London with Heston talking about the finishing of his programme and now the start of mine was bizarre, exciting, scary and again bizarre. So you can never tell what happens in a year, follow your dreams I would say as you never know where they may lead, oh and if you paint your house dark not only will you look skinnier you will feel happier I can promise you that much! How to cook like Heston, Channel 4, Wednesday 4th January 8pm   Happy 2012

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